Education and Conservation

The Kim St John butterfly habitat is located in the Pioneer Area. The purpose of the habitat is to support the life cycle of native Illinois butterflies and to establish a garden-like environment including host and nectar plants with an emphasis on native species. Guests have many questions about the butterflies and plants, so docents are an important part of the educational aspect of the habitat. A docent is a person who acts as a guide and information center. Docents observe the habitat and educate visitors on the different cycles of the butterflies’ development, answer guest’s questions, and report any issues in the habitat.


Volunteers also lead a Bluebird conservation project at the Park.  Volunteers who are interested in birds and want to help track bluebird nesting by checking strategically placed bird boxes will enjoy this position.  It involves some hiking to each box, counting eggs, type of birds inhabiting each box, number of chicks hatched, and number of chicks fledged.

Questions? Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator
Direct: (309) 676-0998 ext. 102


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