Programming Volunteer

Wildlife Prairie Park is a fun place to visit, but we take our commitment to education very seriously. The good news is we know how to make learning enjoyable! Programming department has developed tools to enrich your experience before, during and after your visit. Take some time to look at all of our educational offerings ranging from educational programs, to internships and Out-of-Park experiences!


In the Programming Department, volunteers may be trained to prepare animal diets, clean cages and enclosures and help with record keeping.  Once volunteers are comfortable completing these tasks they will be trained further to handle each animal and learn to care for them in a more in-depth way.


Becoming a trail guide at Wildlife Prairie Park is another excellent way to help educate guests that visit the Park.  Trail guides work as a mobile information center along the trails and interact with visitors to answer many different types of questions.  Trail guides learn about the different species of animals that are on display at the Park to best answer guest questions. They become familiarized with membership information, upcoming Park events, and programming that will occur that day.


The Programming Department also leads a Bluebird conservation project at the Park.  Volunteers who are interested in birds and want to help track bluebird nesting by checking strategically placed bird boxes will enjoy this position.  It involves some hiking to each box, counting eggs, type of bird inhabiting each box, number of chicks hatched, and number of chicks fledged.



Questions? Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator
Direct: (309) 676-0998 ext. 102


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