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Field Trips and Programs

Inspire your students to create a connection with their natural surroundings and become future stewards of our world. Your class will enjoy the great outdoors, while learning about native Illinois plants and animals. Get in touch with your wild side with a hike on our animal trails, the kids will love a ride down the giant 50ft slide we call The Golly whopper, or even enjoy an up-close and personal animal program presented by a trained Park Naturalist.

To book your trip, email
 or call 309-676-0998 ext 312
Pre-Registration is Required.

Admission Fees for School Groups

Students ………………………………………$5.00
Chaperones & Siblings………………$5.00
Teachers/Aides…………………………….FREE (1 teacher per 15 students)
Ages 2 & Under….……………………..…FREE
Bus Drivers …………………………………..FREE


We offer multiple add-on learning programs that will make your field trip even more meaningful. Our programs are available by reservation only. All programs are approximately 60 minutes long, with a 30-minute lecture and 30 minutes of hands-on lab time. All programs are correlated to meet or exceed the state learning standards in science. There is an additional cost for programs of $3.00 per student and chaperones, with a $50.00 minimum. Here is a list of our program opportunities:

General Animal – All Grades

This is the perfect program for groups of all ages. This program offers a wide variety of information about some of your favorite animals while appealing to all age groups.

Guided Hike – All Grades

This program is a wonderful way to learn about all the animals that call Wildlife Prairie Park home. This programs offers a wide variety of information and allows opportunity to ask questions about all the animals. **No hands-on lab section. Hike is approximately 2-miles.

Amazing Animals – 1st & 2nd Grade
Amazing Animals focuses on the crazy, mundane, and unusual characteristics of animals. What do humans and cougars have in common? What makes a bird a bird? Your students will be able to answer these and many other questions about the animal kingdom after experiencing this program.

Feathered Friends – 3rd and 4th Grade
Feathered Friends bring the birds “close-up”. Learn all about birds, beaks, feathers and feet. Program focuses on bird characteristics, habitats, adaptations, and migration.

Owl Pellet Detectives – 5th through High School
Looking for an interactive way to get your students involved in nature? This program is an up close and personal encounter with two live owls, followed by dissection of actual Owl Pellets. We will discuss the importance of the food web and predator/prey relationships. It’ll be a HOOT! Book your program today since multiple sessions may be needed for larger groups!
**Due to the nature of this class, the cost per student is $4 each.**

Adaptations: Predators and Prey – 5th through High School
Students will take a look at the special adaptations animals have and use for their survival. From bats that eat hundreds of insects a night to eagles that swoop down to catch fish, predators are part of the big picture. Today only a handful of predators live in Illinois, and most of them are in danger. Students will learn how they can help these amazing animals and support the balance of our ecosystem.  

Questions – or ready to start planning your trip? Contact our programming department at or call 309-676-0998 ext 312