Wildlife Scary (But Safe) Park 2020 will look a little different than in previous years, but we are so excited to be able to offer the Peoria area an escape and some fun Halloween festivities. With current COVID-19 restrictions in mind, Wildlife Scary (But Safe) Park will offer fans a fun and educational experience. 

Wildlife Scary (But Safe) Park 2020 will take place
Friday October 23rd through Saturday October 31st during the hours of 4pm-9pm.
Tickets are priced for all 5 frights at $10 per guest ages 3 and older (2 and under are Free).
Online advanced purchases only! No exceptions!

Once tickets are purchased, your ticket times cannot be exchanged. To keep our visitors safe, we have capacity limits of 50 people per timed reservation, make your reservations now!

Parking is Free in the Train Depot parking lot.
Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled train ride.
Masks are required on your train ride.


Learn more about each stage of the experience here:

You will begin your adventure with a timed train ride on the Scary Park Express. The train ride is longer this year as guests will enjoy the sights on both train loops. The 4pm, 4:45pm, and 5:30pm trains are Not So Scary for the younger kids. After that–watch out! After your Scary Park Express Train Ride, guests will exit the train at Pioneer Station.​

When guests depart the train at Pioneer Station, they will have a chance to shop our mini mall of glow in the dark trinkets and flashlights before setting off on their quick jaunt through Pioneer to Merrill Woods.

We have a brand new feature this year to Scary Park! Try spotting the animals at night as you WALK the half-mile loop through the Merrill Woods trail. Find out what nocturnal sounds our furry friends make! We will also have trail guides out to share animal facts and spooky animal tales.

Check out our Creepy Crawly Reptiles exhibit at the Visitor’s Center once you complete your walk through the Merrill Woods. Snakes, toads, and salamanders will be on display, as well as some of our very scary birds. Guests will have an opportunity to purchase food and drinks as well.

Jump on an open air pulled tractor ride back to the Train Depot Parking Lot where you will receive safe and sanitarily prepared goodie bags to take home and enjoy.

If you have trouble reserving a time, first try to select a different time. Your initial selection may be close to being sold out and our system will not allow more tickets to be purchased than we have available. If you have further trouble and need assistance from a staff member, email ecommerce@wildlifeprairie.org and allow at least 24 hours for a reply.