Now we can bring the wildlife to you online! 
Enjoy a virtual program at Wildlife Prairie Park in the classroom. 

Classes are set in the Forest Hall Classroom and outdoor areas throughout the park. 


Cost Is $150 Per Program

For more information, email or call 309-676-0998 ext 312

In the great outdoors:

Merrill Woods Guide Hike (All Grades) Available Now

Join our naturalist as they walk your class through the scenic trails of Wildlife Prairie Park as we look at our animals in their natural environment.  You will learn how these animals came to call the park home and what you can do to protect them in the wild.


All About Butterflies! (All grades) Available Sep 1

Join the University of Illinois Master Naturalists as they tour our beautiful butterfly habitat.  Learn about the importance of pollinators, host plants and how you can attract butterflies and other pollinators in your yard. 


Home, Home on the Range (All grades) Available Sep 1

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in pioneer times?  Our volunteers will lead you through our Original Pioneer Cabin.  Learn how a family would have lived in this one room cabin, the tools they had, and life on the open range. 


Grahm Chapel School House (All grades) Available Sep 1

 This one room schoolhouse was built in 1855 and then moved to the park in 1977.  Tour this beautiful historic building and learn about what it would have been like to be a student in the classroom.  This video also has a teacher’s guide to the schoolhouse with additional information and classroom activities.

In the Classroom:

General Animal (All grades) Available Now

Meet an animal ambassador from each of the following groups; mammal, amphibian, Turtle, snake and bird of prey.  We will explore the importance of these animals in our environment, special feature they have to survive in their environment and learn how these animal ambassadors came to call Wildlife Prairie Park home.


Our Sense-sational World (Pre-K & kindergarten) Available Now
Our sense-sational world is an introduction to the senses. We may know that humans hear with their ears, but what about the grasshopper that hears with its knees, or the owl who can hear your heartbeat from across a room? Students will learn to use their five senses to observe nature like never before. Students will learn how animals use their senses to survive in the wild. ( 2- 15 min segments)


Amazing Animals (1st & 2nd grade) Available Now
Amazing Animals focuses on the crazy, mundane, and unusual characteristics of animals. What do humans and cougars have in common? What makes a bird a bird? Your students will be able to answer these and many other questions about the animal kingdom after experiencing this program.

Feathered Friends (3rd & 4th grade) Available Now
Feathered Friends bring the birds “close-up”. Learn all about birds, beaks, feathers and feet. Program focuses on bird characteristics, habitats, adaptations, and migration.

Herp, Herp Hurrah! (3rd & 4th grade) Available Now
Tiger salamanders and Leopard frogs are found in Illinois? Oh my! Snakes and turtles aren’t slimy? No lie! Enter the exciting world of reptiles and amphibians and learn the characteristics of each group.  A variety of herps are used to demonstrate the niche these creatures fill in our environment.

Animal Habitats (5th & 6th grade) Available Now
Developed for Peoria Public Schools District 150 6th grade classes but available to all groups, this program introduces the concept of animal habitats and what effects are felt if that habitat is altered or destroyed.

Predators: They’re Part of the Picture (5th & 6th grade) Available Now
From bats that eat hundreds of insects a night to eagles that swoop down to catch fish, Predators are part of the big picture. Students will take a look at the amazing adaptations predators have to help them catch a meal. Today only a handful of predators live in Illinois, and most of them are in danger. Students will learn how they can help these amazing animals and support the balance of our ecosystem.

Animal Adaptations (7th & 8th grade) Available Now
Students will take a look at the special adaptations animals have and use for their survival. Animals protect themselves; find shelter, food, and other necessities in many different ways. Students will learn how animals have adapted in their fight for survival.

Birds of Prey (8th – high school) Available Now
It’s one thing to study animal biology and it’s quite another to see them face to face. In this program, right there in front of your students will be birds of prey. Learn about the species and the individual birds.

Owl Pellet Detectives (5th – 8th grade) Available Now
Looking for an interactive way to get your students involved in nature? This program is an up close and personal encounter with two live owls, followed by dissection of actual Owl Pellets. We will discuss the importance of the food web and predator/prey relationships. It’ll be a HOOT!