Address: 3826 N. Taylor Road
Hanna City, IL 61536

Phone: 309-676-0998

Prairie Zephyr Train

First train ride of the season will be April 8th, 2022!

Purchase a ticket to ride the train all day!

Interested in becoming a train volunteer? We are looking to fill these positions now! Contact or sign up for our volunteer training.

Take a ride on the famous Prairie Zephyr throughout the beautiful Wildlife Prairie Park. This relaxing and informative excursion takes you on two different loops through the quiet forests.  Your ticket includes both loops and can be used to ride the entire trip, or you may take advantage of stops along the way at the Pioneer and Gollywhopper Pavilions.  Your ticket allows you to re-board at your convenience and can be purchased at the Ticket Gate, Visitor Center, or on the train. 

As a general rule, for an optimum train ride for our guests, we require minimum operating temperature in the spring and fall to a forecasted high of 50 degrees or higher. Also, if rain is in the forecast, train rides may be halted until clearer weather occurs.

All Day Pass: $5
Includes unlimited rides and re-boarding all day long