Address: 3826 N. Taylor Road
Hanna City, IL 61536

Phone: 309-676-0998

Bring your camera and prepare to learn from an expert! 

Time: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Price: $30 members | $40 nonmembers

Schedule (subject to change and the instructor’s discretion): 
    • 1 hr lecture – in Log Room 

    • 1-2hr shoot throughout the Park

    • Lunch

    • 1-2hrs Critique Images

Don’t forget to bring lunch!

This workshop will take place indoors and outdoors. Please dress for the weather and bring water to properly hydrate throughout the day.

3 Workshop series practical steps to creating imagery 

Although these three workshops are designed to build on each other they will also be standalone workshops valuable in their own right regardless if you attended the previous workshop. 

May 20th – Seeing through the Lens

Looking through the lens and seen through the lens are two different things. Seen through the lens is the first step to learning how to pre-visualize your images.

When we first picked up the camera our journey started with simply taking pic. Then we started looking for photographic opportunities to take better pictures. At some point in our journey, we started looking for opportunities to create imagery. This was the beginning of previsualization of your imagery but, the images that we captured seem to have fallen short of what we visualized. This workshop lays the foundation for capturing fully, our previsualization.

Maximum Participants: 30

Meeting Location: Log Room

Special Photography Shoot of both the new wolf pack in the animal keeper area just outside their enclosure and the Bison and Elk while riding a hayrack through the pasture with the opportunity to potentially photograph bison calves.

July 15 – Refining composition in the lens

It has always been my philosophy to shoot perfect. The goal is to create a perfectly composed image that needs no cropping for enhancement. Shooting Perfectly composed images requires refinement as you adjust to make the in-camera image match your pre-visualization.

Quite often as you are refining the in-camera image you will create options or even stronger impacting images than your initial previsualization. This workshop will lay out the practical foundation for how to recognizing the strength and power of an image as you are composing it in-camera……. Practical steps for shooting perfect.

Maximum Participants: 40

Meeting Location: Log Room

Special Photography Shoot of WPP Animal Ambassadors with a natural background. Participating Animal Ambassadors may include birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians depending on the discretion on the Animal Keeper.

October 7th – Do we need the lens to see?

One of the joys of photography is seeing great imagery.

The purpose of the photograph/image is to share that joy with others. As you develop your ability to see through the lens one of the side effects is you’ll be able to recognize exactly what an image will look like before you look through the lens. At this point you’re seeing the world as a series of photographs and choosing which images to share.

This workshop goes deeper into practical refinement of previsualization, composing in the camera in order to creating images that achieve a predetermined visual purpose.

Maximum Participants: 40

Meeting Location: Forest Hall

Special Photography Shoot will feature landscapes of the Park.