Bring your camera and prepare to learn from an expert! 

Location: Log Room

Schedule (subject to change and the instructors discretion): 
    • 1 hr lecture – in Log Room 

    • 1-2hr shoot throughout the Park

    • Lunch

    • 1-2hrs Critique Images

Don’t forget to bring lunch!

This workshop will take place indoors and outdoors. Please dress for the weather and bring water to properly hydrate throughout the day.

October 8: Land and Water Seasonal Color….Landscape Photography

When you can’t move the subject matter and you have only one light you need to be able to recognize the best angle to utilize the light. This workshop will focus on recognizing the best photographic light to create a predetermined picture. Hint, photography is totally dependent upon the quality of light. Second hint, the best way to learn how to see light is to photograph in black-and-white.