Animal Staff

Wildlife Prairie Park Animal Team The animal care team at Wildlife Prairie Park is an important aspect of our park. Learn more about each of the individuals who work hard each day to ensure that all animals at Wildlife Prairie Park are safe, fed, happy, and healthy in their habitats. 

Events At The Park

Events At Wildlife Prairie Park Every day there are free daily programs to experience during your visit at Wildlife Prairie Park. But we also have various events, volunteer trainings, and other activities for guests to enjoy during their visit. Click on the event you are interested in to sign up or to find more information. […]

Wildlife Prairie Park Governing Board

The Friends of Wildlife Prairie Park is a registered 501 3(c) organization. A Board of Directors has been put in place to insure the perpetuation of Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria County, Illinois, (Park). The Board is responsible for taking any and all actions to support in perpetuity the Vision of the Park – To […]

Buy A Brick

Want to create a unique memory that will be cherished for years to come? SAY IT WITH A BRICK! An engraved brick is the perfect way to commemorate a special occasion, a birthday, anniversary or special trip to the Park. It can also serve as a lasting memorial for a beloved family member, friend or […]

Rent Wildlife Prairie Park

Rent Wildlife Prairie Park Reserve the entire Park for an evening! $700 Flat Rate for the first 50 people! For the first time ever, you can reserve the park for your private party. You’ll enjoy this unique once-in-a-lifetime experience. Experience the park at your own pace, without any crowds! The park is available from 5:30 […]

Virtual Field Trip Programs

Now we can bring the wildlife to you online!  Enjoy a virtual program at Wildlife Prairie Park in the classroom.  Classes are set in the Forest Hall Classroom and outdoor areas throughout the park.    Cost Is $150 Per Program For more information, email or call 309-676-0998 ext 312 In the great outdoors: Merrill […]

Common Animal Questions

1. What is wrong with the black bears eyes?TR has what is called “cherry eye”. It occurs after a tear gland in an animal’s third eyelid becomes inflamed. He had surgery in 2018 on the right eye to repair the issue. Unfortunately, the cherry eye returned and this time in both eyes. Since the issue […]

Zoom With The Wildlife

Enjoy a virtual wildlife encounter at your next video conference. Our animal ambassador and their trainer will join your meeting for a 20-minute fun and interactive session. Cost options: $40—Box Turtle, Native snake, Aquatic Turtle, Amphibian, Bunny or Skunk $50—River otter, Black Bear, Foxes, Owls, Turkey Vulture or Bald Eagle $65—Elsa the Elk $75—Special Feeding […]


Wildlife Prairie Park allows kayaking on any of our 5 fishing lakes. Though the access to some of the lakes may be more difficult than others. Though we do recommend launching on Deep Lake, Beaver Lake, East and West Horseshoe Lakes, North Lake or Taylor Lake (on the Westside of the park). Caboose Lake is […]