Volunteer Jobs

Looking for something to do on your next volunteer day at the Park? Look no further, we have a list of tasks we need help with! Please get in touch with the person listed as the contact for each volunteer job for further information or to start the Job.

Date PostedJob DescriptionType of JobItems NeededContactNeed Help On:
3/27/2017Repair, paint, clean all picnic tables and benchesOutdoor/Indoorpaint, buckets, rags, soap, misc toolsLindsay Kelso
Any Day
4/3/2017Making cutouts (wooden decorations) for events. Includes painting, cutting out, or sealing. No experience required. Indoor/OutdoorOld painting clothes Lindsay Kelso
Most Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call or email to see if we're working on them.
5/4/2017Drive float in Mack-Ca-Fest Parade (Mackinaw)OffsiteVehicle with a hitch, ability to tow a car trailer Lindsay Kelso
Saturday, June 17th @1pm
5/19/2017Crafts, games, and stepping stones for Butterfly ReleaseOutdoorMaterials providedLindsay Kelso
Saturday, June 3rd from 10am-3pm