Transportation, Train & Trek


Wildlife Prairie Park is unique from other parks and attractions in the area because of its two- mile, 24 inch gauge train called the Prairie Zephyr.  Volunteers who are 25 years or older and have good eyesight and hearing can sign up to drive the train.  Two trains run daily during the late spring, summer and early fall.  The train is often a highlight of our many special events.

The Adventure Trek has become a very popular attraction over the past few years. The Trek takes guests on a guided tour of the Park where they are able to see areas of the Park such as Lodging, Mike the Bison, and are taken out into the bison and elk pasture. The Adventure Trek is open seasonally and requires a driver and a narrator.

There are also opportunities to drive different, special vehicles on Park property.  For example, at many special events the Park offers hayrack rides to guests.  Special events also require volunteer assistance to drive a small bus or tram to transport guests throughout the Park. The Park also participates in many parades throughout the year, so volunteers may have the opportunity to drive a float in a parade.

Some of these positions require a CDL.





Questions? Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator
Direct: (309) 676-0998 ext. 102


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