Admission Prices



Summer Admission Prices (Spring – October 30th)**

Seniors (65+)$7.00
Ages 13 & Up$9.00
Ages 3 – 12$6.00
Ages 2 & UnderFree
WPP MembersFree

Winter Admission Prices (November – Spring)**

Seniors (65+)$6.00
Ages 13 & Up$8.00
Ages 3 – 12$5.00
Ages 2 & UnderFree
WPP MembersFree

**These rates do not apply to special event pricing, see each event for further information.


Please Note the Following:

    • No admittance will be allowed within one hour of the listed closing time; this is to ensure our visitors will have AT LEAST one hour to enjoy the Park.


    • Discounted rates are valid during NORMAL daytime operating hours only and will not be applied to groups arriving in buses or who would otherwise qualify for another reduced rate. Discount coupons cannot be combined with already reduced rates.


    • Discounted rates are unavailable for anyone arriving near the end of the business day.


    • To see pricing for an upcoming special event, please see that event when it becomes available, or feel free to inquire about our special rates at 309-676-0998.


  • These prices are the same for anyone wishing to have access to our West Side Property; please ask the ticket gate staff for a pass if you plan on also accessing the West Side.

For the safety and well being of our guests and animals, Wildlife Prairie Park does not allow dogs or other pets inside the East Side gates. Wildlife Prairie Park reserves the right to deny any guests with pets access to the Park. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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