Meat Donations for the Animals

Thank you for your consideration of donating meat to help us feed our animals. Please see the different types of meat our animals enjoy and the restrictions we have to be cautious of for the safety of the animals.


  • Fresh road kill without spoilage or severely damaged meat will be accepted. It is preferred that it be quartered. Depending on daily staff and temperature, we may not be able to handle processing.
  • Hunted deer within 48 hours. Preferably quartered and skinned.
  • Bones with meat still attached
  • Processed deer – no meat with any seasonings (brats, sausage, salami, etc.)

Hunted Game Birds (duck, geese, pheasant)

  • Game birds accepted if not shot with a pellet form of shot. This is to insure the safety of the animals receiving the meat. Cannot be accepted if shot with lead.
  • Can be whole (dressed) or cut into smaller pieces (steaks, stew meat, etc)


Chicken or Turkey

  • Boneless chicken breast
  • Whole chickens/turkeys (accepted during Thanksgiving and Christmas only)


  • Ground, steaks, roasts, liver, & hearts
  • Bones with meat still attached
  • No seasoned meat (BBQ, sausage, stews, etc)


  • Whole fish & fillets
  • Clams, Oysters, or other shellfish still in the shell (the otters enjoy these)
  • No seasoned or breaded fish
  • No fish that is preserved in sauces or salt

Other Restrictions

  • Frozen meat needs to be 2 years old or less
  • Frozen meat can only have a minimal amount of freezer burns
  • Large donations require a minimum of 24 hour notice before delivery
  • Meat donations are accepted all days of the week from 9am-3pm
  • No canned vegetables or meats
  • No expired non perishable items (oats, peanut butter…)

Why so many restrictions?

  • Pork has a higher fat/salt content which is not a part of our animals’ diets for health reasons (can dehydrate them)
  • No hunted game birds due to the risk of shrapnel left behind by ammunition.
  • Chicken bones splinter and can cause major health issues for our felines and smaller canines.
  • We try to minimize wasted meat since it attracts wildlife. So, we only accept meat that we know our animals will eat.

Thank you for all donations! If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Adrienne Bauer,  Animal and Education Director  (309)676-0998