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King's Feast-NEW



Let it be known by one and all that the Kingdom of Wild Prairie Shire is hosting its first ever King’s Feast. The festivities will commence at 1pm on both Saturday and Sunday. A sumptuous offering of tasty cuisine will be followed by entertainment of a most splendid variety continuing until 2:45pm.

We are serving up a meal fit for the King! Each plate will include seasoned slow roasted chicken, beef ribs, potato wedges, corn on a skewer, tomato basil soup, garlic toast and a delicious sorbet for dessert. No utensils! This is the renaissance!

Your $40 advanced reservation to the King’s Feast includes:
-Faire Admission
-Lavish meal
-1.5hrs of exclusive royal entertainment
-Special Edition Souvenir
-Reserved Seating at the 3pm Joust

Come be treated like royalty!
Purchase now

SEATING IS LIMITED!!! Presale ticket is required! Admission is only included with an advanced purchased ticket.

Slow Roasted Season Chicken
Beef Ribs
Potato Wedges
Corn on a Skewer
Tomato Basil Soup
Garlic Toast
Fruit Sorbet

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Friar Finnegan