Volunteers who enjoy working with the public can enjoy several different volunteer positions at Wildlife Prairie Park.  The Park’s gift shop, The Adventure Store, is volunteer run and donates all of its profits back to the Park as a donation.  As of the summer of 2013 they have donated more than $2 million back to the Park.  Duties at the gift shop include greeting guests, answering questions, taking inventory and running a cash register.

The Visitor Center and Gertie’s Discovery Workshop is another busy area of the Park that relies on volunteer support.  Volunteers here assist guests by answering questions, giving directions, light cleaning, selling memberships, small items, and train tickets.  This area also has a workshop for children that should be changed periodically with new puzzles, coloring activities, and games.



Questions? Please contact the volunteer coordinator
Direct: (309) 676-0998 ext. 102


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