Free Public Programs

Memorial Day through Labor Day   


10am (& 3pm) — Keeper Chat
Monday- Badgers meet at badger enclosure
Tuesday- Birds of Prey meet in Forest Hall
Wednesday- Small Mammals meet at small animal enclosures
Thursday- Snakes meet in Reptile Hall
Friday- Molly the bear meet at bear overlook
Saturday- Eagles meet at the eagle yard
Sunday- Red Foxes meet at the red fox yard

11am — Wildlife Chat on the Bricks

11:30am — Guided Hike through Merrill Woods

1pm — Bison and Elk Chat on the Bricks

1:30pm — Pig Races in Pioneer Homestead

2pm — Animal Enrichment Program
Monday- Silver Foxes meet at silver fox yard
Tuesday- TR the black bear meet at black bear/cougar bridge
Wednesday- Pioneer animals meet in pioneer homestead
Thursday- Coyotes meet at the bobcat/coyote bridge
Friday- Wolves meet at the wolf overlook
Saturday- Bobcats meet at the bobcat/coyote bridge
Sunday- Otters meet at the otter yard

3pm — Keeper Chat (*See schedule above)

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*Programs are subject to change due to special events or inclement weather