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Mike Boatman Beginners Photography Class

July 14, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Mike Boatman Beginner Photography Session: The Secret to Photographing Great Images

Wildlife Prairie Park Log Room
3826 N. Taylor Rd.
Hanna City, IL 61536

July 14th, 2018
This event takes place during Art in the Wild

$30 per person
$20 for members
Advanced payment and registration is required.
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The secret to photographing great images… and why beginning photographers should photograph in black-and-white.

The typical concept by beginning photographers, intermediate photographers and possibly some pro shooters is that you find a great subject matter and then start composing.

This step in the photographic process is actually step two it’s not what should be considered first. That’s why I titled this the secret to photographing great images. I will elaborate on exactly what that secret is how to recognize it then apply it manipulated with the subject matter and start your composition based on the secret and the subject matter.

If you’re only considering the subject matter then by happenstance you will occasionally possibly Stumble-Upon great photos. In my world of professional commercial advertising photography this is an unacceptable workflow. In my world I’m expected to create great photos every time. The only way you do something great every time is to build a procedure. The first step in this procedure is the secret.

This photography seminar will have something to offer the beginner, the intermediate and highly and experienced enthusiast.

Lastly the secret is present in every photograph regardless if you’re using a phone, a camera, or a shoebox….. Don’t you think you need to know what it is and think about it first?

Author: Mike Boatman




July 14, 2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm