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From unique belly dancers to archery and jousting, the Olde English Faire talent will offer a performance fit for a king!

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Wildlife Prairie Park

2019 performers include:

Knights of Valour – Full Contact Jousting
Sky Kings Falconry
Knotty Nauticals
The Late Mountebank & Wonder Elixir Of Life Company 
Pava Productions
Odorferious ThunderBottom
Friar Finnegan (BBBBBB)
Queen MUM
Cutlass Cooking
The Royal Court of Albion
Brianna Noyes and Court
Mouse Carlson Living Statue
Queen Beatrice
Rampant Lion Games
Knotty Bits Pirate Circus
Herr Carl
Jesse Linder, Bard 
Punch and Judy
Bayeaux Tapestry Talks
Shattock School of Defence
Gryphon Poursivant