CoVid 19 Statement from Wildlife Prairie Park

In response to the Governor Pritzker’s statement regarding shelter- in-place, Wildlife Prairie Park will be closed to the public effective today.

In the interim, you can stay in touch with the Park and our animals through regularly scheduled Keeper Chats via social media.  The Keeper Chat schedule will be posted on our website, as well as on social media channels. The Keeper Chats are a chance to learn about some of the animals in the Park that you can come and see in person once the park re-opens.

Speaking of keepers, our dedicated staff is needed daily to take care of 150 animals at the park, even during a shut down.  We are taking safety precautions to keep our animal keepers safe.   You can help us support them during this time by making sure we have the funding to continue to feed our animals, even without revenue coming into the Park.  An important way to support the Park during these times is to become a member or make a donation.  Membership says that you believe in the Park and support our mission to provide interactive, nature oriented educational and recreational activities that provide transformational experiences, inspiring conservation of the great outdoors. 

Wildlife Prairie Park has always connected the people in Central Illinois to nature and the outdoors, and we look forward to serving that mission again as soon as this current situation runs its course.

We encourage everyone to stay safe and adhere to the recommendations and guidelines of the health department and the CDC.  Our hope is, as we all work together. the impact of COVID-19 will be minimized and life will soon return to normal.