Our Story 

Five years ago, Wildlife Prairie Park was in danger of closing its doors. The Park was not operating properly. Attendance was down, membership was at an all-time low, buildings were falling apart and animals were not being cared for. This caused the formation of Friends of Wildlife Prairie Park, a governing board who turned the Park around and brought back our jewel in the Midwest. Since then our staff and board have done an excellent job in securing donations to cover operating costs. Our biggest break yet may be the 2 for 1 match that has been granted by the Forest Park Foundation up to 1.25 million dollars and we are here to ask for your help.


Our Need 

We have already secured 43% of the dollars needed to take maximum advantage of our match donation from the Forest park Foundation. The money used in this donation will be used to create more attractions that will allow the Park to be more sustainable. The donations will allow us to be more independent and use community resources to grow the Park. Donate now!


What’s Next?¬†

The money used in this campaign will help us achieve the following:
– Seven new fully furnished family cabins for renting
– Remodeling of the Otter enclosure
– Improvements to the functionality of the Black Bear enclosure
– Modernizing banquet rooms
– Repair roads and sidewalks
– New fencing for a safer experience
– Equipment for the maintenance staff
РStarting of the Park’s endowment fund
These improvements will not only make the guest experience more enjoyable but the new cabins alone will generate $285,700 in additional  income per year. This campaign will generate operating dollars and help tremendously with making the Park sustainable.


How Can You Help?

No donation is too small. We are looking for donation of all kinds. Accepting donations from the general public as low as $5 and large corporate contributions as much as $100,000. To learn more about our options, please contact Brien Davis at bdavis@wildlifeprairieorg or donate now online. Please include in the memo that you would like to donation to go towards the capital campaign.


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