Animals Volunteer

Volunteers who are interested in working with animals would be a good fit for the Animal Departmentcalli. In order to volunteer in t he Animal Department requires that volunteers have volunteered at the Park for at least 3 months before they begin training in their department.  In this department, volunteers will work in the animal kitchen preparing diets for the various animals on display along our trails.  Volunteers will also be trained to do basic and routine enclosure maintenance and upkeep.  After a period of time and proven reliability, volunteers will gradually work their way to working more directly with animals.

The Animal Department is in charge of the new aviary exhibits that have been put up along the animal trails.  Care of these aviaries and the birds within them is a volunteer position.  It includes cleaning out each aviary, changing water pans, and gutting mice to feed the different birds.




Questions? Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at
Direct: (309) 676-0998 ext. 102


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